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Made up solely by volunteers, Support 4 Our Troops cares for our military personnel, through cards, letters of encouragement & care packages. It is our hope that the price that has been paid for your freedom will encourage you to become involved. 
We all have a gift that can be used to show our support.
Memorial to September 11, 2001 Tragedy
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Army Spc. Zachary R. Clouser

19, of Dover, Pa.; assigned to the 1st Battalion, 26th Infantry, 2nd Brigade Combat Team, 1st Infantry Division, Schweinfurt, Germany; died July 18 in Adhamiyah, Iraq, of wounds sustained when his vehicle was attacked by enemy forces using an improvised explosive device and small-arms fire. Also killed were Sgt. 1st Class Luis E. Gutierrez-Rosales, Spc. Richard Gilmore III and Spc. Daniel E. Gomez.
Remembering Our Own
(York & Adams Counties)

PFC James R. Dillon Jr.  USMC 3/13/2003 1st Marines Grove City
CPT Christopher S. Seifert  ARMY 3/23/2003 101st Airborne  Easton
LCPL Joseph B Maglione III  USMC 4/1/2003 4th Marines  Lansdale
SPC Donals S. Oaks  ARMY 4/3/2003 75th FA  Erie
CPT Tristan N. Aiken  ARMY 4/4/2003 3rd ID  State College 
SSGT Stevon Booker  ARMY 4/5/2003 64th Armored Div.  Apollo
SPC Zachariah W. Long ARMY 5/30/2003 525th MI  Milton 
SPC Michael T. Gleason  ARMY 5/30/2003 525th MI  Warren
SSGT Michael Dooley  ARMY 6/8/2003 1st ARC  Murraysville
1SG Christopher D. Coffin ARMY 7/1/2003 352nd CA  Bethlehem
PFC Corey L. Small  ARMY 7/2/2003 2nd ACR  East Berlin 
SGT Chad Keith  ARMY 7/7/2003 82nd Airborne  Lake City 
SGT Jaror C. Puello-Coronado ARMY 7/13/2003 800th MP  Pocono Summit 
SPC William J. Maher III  ARMY 7/28/2003 1st Armor  Yardley
PFC Timmy R. Brown Jr.  ARMY 8/12/2003 525th MI  Conway
SPC Craig S. Ivory  ARMY 8/17/2003 173rd Infantry  Port Matilda 
SPC Eric R. Hull  ARMY 8/18/2003 220th MP BDE  Uniontown
LTC Anthony L. Sherman  ARMY 8/27/2003 99th RRC  Pottstown
CPT Brian R. Faunce  ARMY 9/18/2003 1st Armor  Philadelphia
SPC Rafael L. Navea ARMY 9/27/2003 214th FA  Pittsburgh
SGT Andrew J. Baddick  ARMY 9/29/2003 82nd ANB  Jim Thorpe 
SSG Christopher E. Cutchall  ARMY 9/29/2003 24th ID  Mcconnellsburge
SPC Tammara J. Ramos  ARMY 10/1/2003 3rd ACR  Quakertown
SPC Douglas J. Weismantle ARMY 10/13/2003 82nd ABN Pittsburgh
1LT David R. Bernstein  ARMY 10/18/2003 173rd INF  Pheonixville
SSG Paul A. Sweeney  ARMY 10/30/2003 3rd SF  Lakeville
SPC Maurice J. Johnson  ARMY 11/1/2003 101st ABN Levittown
SSGT Ernest G. Bucklew ARMY 11/2/2003 3rd ACR Enon Valley 
SGT Nicholas A. Tomko  ARMY 11/9/2003 307th MP CO.  Pittsburgh
SGT Joseph Minucci II  ARMY 11/13/2003 173rd INF  Richeyville
SGT Timothy L. Hayslett  ARMY 11/15/2003 1st Armor Newville
SSG Kimberly A. Voelz ARMY 12/14/2003 52nd OD  Carlisle
SPC Christopher A. Golby  ARMY 1/8/2004 3rd ACR  Johnstown
SPC William R. Sturges Jr.  ARMY 1/24/2004 1st CAV  Spring Church 
SPC Clint R. Matthews  ARMY 3/19/2004 1st ID  Bedford
SPC Sean R. Mitchell  ARMY 3/31/2004 1st ARMOR Youngville
LCPL Aric Barr  USMC 4/3/2004 2/7 ECHO CO .  Pittsburgh
SPC Shawn M. Davies  ARMY 4/4/2004 82nd ABN Hopewell
SPC Edward W. Brabazon  ARMY 4/9/2004 82nd ABN Philadelphia
SPC Jonathan R. Kephart  ARMY 4/9/2004 7th ARMY  Oil City 
SSG Edward W. Carman  ARMY 4/17/2004 2/12 CAVALRY  Mckeesport
SPC Matthew J. Sandri  ARMY 4/20/2004 82nd ABN Shamokin
SGT Sherwood R. Baker  ARMY 4/26/2004 28th ID  Plymouth
SPC Matrin W. Kondor  ARMY 4/29/2004 1st ARMOR  York
GYSGT Ronald E. Baum  USMC 5/3/2004 2nd Marines  Hollidaysburg
PFC Bradley G. Kritzer  ARMY 5/5/2004 1st CAV  Irvona
SPC Mark J. Kasecky  ARMY 5/17/2004 28th ID  Mckees Rocks 
SPC Carl F. Curran II  ARMY 5/17/2004 28th ID  Union City 
SSG Jeremy R. Horton ARMY 5/21/2004 1st ARMOR Erie
PVT Bradli N. Coleman  ARMY 5/30/2004 2nd ID  Ford City 
CPL John H. Todd III  USMC 6/29/2004 4th Marines  Brigeport
SSG Stevon A. Booker ARMY 7/8/2004 3rd ID  Apollo
SGT Dale T. Lloyd  ARMY 7/19/2004 10th MT  Watsontown
SPC Nicholas J. Zangara  ARMY 7/24/2004 1st ID  Philadelphia
LCPL Nicholas B. Morrison  USMC 8/13/2004 2nd Marines  Carlisle
1LT Neil A. Santoriello  ARMY 8/13/2004 1st ID  Verona
CPL Barton R. Humlhanz  USMC 8/26/2004 2nd Marines  Hellertown
SGT Brandon E. Adams  ARMY 9/19/2004 10th MT  Hollidaysburg
SPC Joshua J. Henry  ARMY 9/20/2004 1st ID  Avonmore
SPC Clifford L. Moxley Jr.  ARMY 9/25/2004 28th ID  New Castle 
SPC Gregory A. Cox  ARMY 9/27/2004 1st ID  Carmichaels
SPC Rodney A. Jones ARMY 9/30/2004 1st CAV  Philadelphia
SGT Andrew W. Brown  ARMY 10/8/2004 1/509th INF  Pleasant Mount 
PFC Aaron J. Rusin ARMY 10/11/2004 2nd ID  Johnstown
LTC Mark P. Phelan  ARMY 10/13/2004 416th CA  Green Lane
SGT Lonny D. Wells  USMC 11/9/2004 2nd Marines  Vandergrift
SSG Sean P. Huey  ARMY 11/11/2004 2nd ID  Fredericktown
SGT Joesph M. Nolan  ARMY 11/18/2004 1st CAV  Philadelphia
CPL Michael R. Cohen  USMC 11/22/2004 3rd Marines  Jacobus
CPL Kyle J. Renehen USMC 12/9/2004 2nd MAR AIRWING  Oxford
SFC Paul Karpowich ARMY 12/21/2004 42nd ID  Brigeport
SPC Michael J. Smith  ARMY 1/11/2005 2ND ID  Media
SGT Brett D. Swank  ARMY 1/24/2005 1/509th INF  Northumberland County 
CPL Kyle J. Grimes  USMC 1/26/2005 3rd Marines  Bethlehem
LCPL Saeed Torshizi  USMC 1/26/2005   Slippery Rock 
PVT Landon S. Giles  ARMY 2/26/2005 3rd ID  Indiana
PFC Michael W. Franklin ARMY 3/7/2005 2ND ID  Coudersport
SPC Brett M. Hershey  ARMY 3/26/2005 76th INF BDE  State College 
SGT Michael A. Marzano  USMC 5/7/2005 2nd Marines Greenville 
SSG Thor H. Ingraham ARMY 5/8/2005 2nd ID  Murrysville
PFC Kenneth E. Zeigler III  ARMY 5/12/2005 3rd ID  Dillsburg
SGT Andrew R. Jodin  ARMY 5/12/2005 3rd ID  Karthauo
SGT Carl J. Morgain  ARMY 5/22/2005 28th ID  Butler
SSG Victor M. Cortez III  ARMY 5/29/2005 3rd ID  Erie
LCPL Robert T. Mininger  USMC 6/6/2005 2nd Marines  Sellersville
PFC Douglas E. Kashmer  ARMY 6/8/2005 21st SUPCOM Sharon
1LT Louis E. Allen  ARMY 6/8/2005 42nd ID  Milford
PFC Joshua P. Klinger USMC 6/14/2005 2nd Marines Easton
SPC Robert E. Hall Jr.  ARMY 6/28/2005 467th ENG.BATTALION Pittsburgh
LCPL Ryan J. Kovacicek  USMC 7/10/2005 4th Marines  Washington
SSG Joseph P. Goodrich  USMC 7/10/2005 4th Marines  Allegheny
PFC Nils G. Thompson ARMY 8/4/2005 25th ID Confluence
SGT Brahim J. Jeffcoat  ARMY 8/6/2005 28th ID  Philadelphia
SPC Kurt E. Krout  ARMY 8/6/2005 28th ID Spinnertown
PFC Nathaniel E. Detample  ARMY 8/9/2005 28th ID Morrisville
SGT Francis J. Straub Jr. ARMY 8/9/2005 28th ID Philadelphia
SSG Ryan S. Ostrom  ARMY 8/9/2005 28th ID Liberty
SPC Gennaro Pellegrini Jr.  ARMY 8/9/2005 28th ID Philadelphia
SPC John Kulick  ARMY 8/9/2005 28th ID Harleysville
SPC Jeremy M. Campbell  ARMY 9/11/2005 16th MP BDE Middlebury
SPC William L. Evans  ARMY 9/19/2005 28th ID Hallstead
SPC William V. Hernandez  ARMY 9/19/2005 28th ID Reading
SSGT Shawn Graham    9/25/2005   Grove City 
SPC Oliver J. Brown  ARMY 9/28/2005 28th ID Athens
SPC Lee A. Wiegand ARMY 9/28/2005 28th ID Hallstead
SGT Eric W. Slebodnik  ARMY 9/28/2005 28th ID Greenfield Twp. 
SSG Daniel L. Arnold  ARMY 9/28/2005 28th ID Monrose
SSG Geore A. Pugliese  ARMY 9/28/2005 28th ID Carbondale
PFC Jason L. Frye  USMC 10/6/2005 2nd Marines  Landisburg
LCPL Patrick B. Kenney  USMC 10/6/2005 2nd Marines  Pittsburgh
SSG Troy S. Ezernack  ARMY 10/9/2005 173rd INF  Lancaster
LCPL Mfemfe W. Szwydek  USMC 10/20/2005 2nd Marines  Warfordsburg
SSG Daniel R. Lightner Jr.  ARMY 10/27/2005 28th ID Hollidaysburg
MAJ Jefferey P. Toczylowski  ARMY 11/3/2005 10th SF  Upper Moreland 
PVT Dylan R. Paytas  ARMY 11/16/2005 3rd ID  Freedom
SFC Brent A. Adams  ARMY 12/1/2005 28th ID West View 
SSG Keith A. Bennett  ARMY 12/11/2005 28th ID Holtwood
1LT Michael J. Cleary  ARMY 12/20/2005 3rd ID  Dallas
CPL Albert P. Gettings  USMC 1/5/2006 2nd Marines  New Castle
LTC Michael E. McGlaughlin  ARMY 1/5/2006 2nd Brig. Combat Team  Mercer
PO3C John T. Fralish  NAVY 2/6/2006 2nd Marines  New Kensington 
SGT Jonathan E. McColley USMC 2/16/2006 2nd MAW  Gettysburg
CPT Bryan D. Willard  USMC 2/16/2006 2nd MAW  Hummelstown
SGT James F. Fordyce  USMC 2/16/2006 2nd Marines  Newtown Square 
SFC Randy D. McCaulley ARMY 3/23/2006 28th ID  Indiana
SPC Frederick A. Carlson  ARMY 3/25/2006 28th ID  Bethlehem
LCPL Jacob W. Beisel  USMC 3/31/2006 2nd Marines  Lackawaxen
SSG Eric A. McIntosh  USMC 4/2/2006 2nd Marines  Trafford
SPC Mark W. Melcher  ARMY 4/15/2006 28th ID  Pittsburgh
PVT Travis C. Zimmerman  ARMY 4/22/2006 101st ABN  New Berlinville 
CPL Brandon M. Hardy  USMC 4/28/2006 1st Marines  Cochranville
SSG David M. Veverka ARMY 5/6/2006 28th ID  Jamestown
PFC Stephen P. Snowberger III  ARMY 5/11/2006 10th MT  Lopez
LCPL Adam C. Conboy  USMC 5/12/2006 3rd Marines  Philadelphia
PFC Steven W. Freund  USMC 5/23/2006 1st Marines  Pleasant Hills 
MSG Thomas D. Maholic  ARMY 6/24/2006 7th SF  Bradford
SFC Scott R. Smith ARMY 7/17/2006 52nd OD  Punxsutawney
1SG Christofer C. Rafferty  ARMY 7/21/2006 20th ENG BDE  Brownsville
CPT Jason M. West  ARMY 7/24/2006 1st Armor  Pittsburgh
SPC Tristan Smith  ARMY 8/27/2006 4th ID  Bryth Athyn 
PFC Justin W. Dreese  ARMY 9/3/2006 82nd ABN  Northcumberland Co. 
SGT Jennifer M. Hartman  ARMY 9/14/2006 4th ID  New Ringold
SGT Alan R. Bevington  ARMY 9/21/2006 1st Armor  Beaver Falls 
CPL Carl W. Johnson II  ARMY 10/7/2006 2nd ID  Philadelphia
PFC Shelby Feniello  USMC 10/9/2006 1/6 C. Co. 1st PLT  Connellsville
SGT Timothy Lauer  ARMY 10/14/2006 4th ID  Saegertown
SSG Joseph M. Kane ARMY 10/14/2006 4th ID  Darby
CPL Russell Culbertson III  ARMY 10/17/2006 4th ID  Lone Pine 
2LT Christopher E. Loudon  ARMY 10/17/2006 4th ID  Brockport
SFC Daniel A. Brozovich  ARMY 10/18/2006 28th ID  Greenville
SFC Tony I. Knier  ARMY 10/21/2006 82nd ABN Sabinsville
SGT Charles J. McClain  ARMY 11/1/2006   Burgettstown
SPC  Ross A. McGinnis  ARMY 12/4/2006 2nd BGD Combat Div.  Shippenville
SGT Thomas E. Vandling  ARMY 1/1/2007 303rd Psy Ops Co Pittsburgh
CPT Mark Resh  ARMY 2/9/2007 1st Cavalry Division Fogelsville
SGT Russell A. Kurtz  ARMY 2/11/2007 25th Infantry Div.  Bethel Park 
CPT Todd Siebert  USMC 2/17/2007 2nd Marine Div.  Baden
PFC Matthew C. Bowe  ARMY 2/19/2007 89th Cav 10th Mtn Div  Coraopolis
PVT Wesley J. Williams  ARMY 3/2/2007 163rd Mil. 504th BDE Philadelphia
SPC Luis O. Rodriguez-Contrera ARMY 3/2/2007 2nd Bat. 5th Cav.  Allentown
SGT Ashly L. Moyer  ARMY 3/3/2007 630th MP Co.  Emmaus
LCPL Dennis J. Veater  USMC 3/9/2007 47th Support Grp.  Jessup
PFC Aaron Genevic  ARMY 4/2007   Tionesta
SPC Jeremy Maresh ARMY 4/24/2007 213TH Air Def. Art. Jim Thorpe
1LT Travis L. Marion  ARMY 4/29/2007 1ST Rec. Batl/ 1st Mar  Doylestown
SGT Allen J. Dunckley  ARMY 5/14/2007 3rd Infantry Div.  Yardley
PFC Robert H. Dembrowski  ARMY 5/24/2007 1ST BRGD Com. Team Ivyland
MSGT Arthur L. Lilly ARMY 6/15/2007 2nd Bat./ Sp. Forces Smithfield
PFC Larry Parks Jr.  ARMY 6/18/2007 30th Inf. Reg 2 Brgd  Altoona
SGT Raymond R. Buchan  ARMY 7/1/2007 18th Inf. Reg 2 Brgd Johnstown
SPC Zachary R. Clouser ARMY 7/18/2007 1st Bat. 26th Inf. Dover
SPC Cami Florexil  ARMY 7/24/2007 1st Bat. 28th Inf. Philadelphia
SPC Michael A. Hook  ARMY 8/16/2007 25TH Inf Div/Com. Avi.  Altoona
SFC Michael J. Tully  ARMY 8/23/2007 2nd Brgd Spec Forces Falls Creek 
SGT Jan Argonish ARMY 8/27/2007   Peckville 
MSGT Scott R. Ball  ARMY 8/27/2007 55th Brgd/5th Inf. Div Mt. Holly Springs 
CPT Erick M. Foster  ARMY 8/29/2007 73rd Cav. Reg /82nd Air B  Wexford
SFC David Cooper Jr.  ARMY 9/5/2007 23rd Inf Reg-2nd Inf Div Jersey Shore 
PFC Adam J. Chitjian ARMY 10/25/2007 3rd Brgd Cmbt Team/1st Cav Div Philadelphia
SSGT David A. Weiger  AIR FORCE  11/1/2007 Unit Detachment 303  North Hunington 
SSGT Patrick F. Kutschbach ARMY 11/10/2007 1st Batl 10th Spec Forces McKees Rocks 
CPT David Boris  ARMY 11/12/2007 91st Cav Reg/ 173rd Air B Brgd Minersville
SSGT Ryan Maseth ARMY 1/2/2008 5th Spec. Forces Airborne  Pittsburgh
LT COL Richard Berrittini ARMY 1/11/2008 Natl Grd. Med. Detachment  Wilcox
SFC Kenneth Paul Lehman  ARMY 2/2/2008 10th Div. Green Beret Medic Franklin
CPO Michael Koch  NAVY 2/5/2008 Seals State College 
SGT Timothy Van Orman  ARMY 2/7/2008 22nd Inf Reg 10th Mntn Div Port Matilda 
SPC Luke Runyan  ARMY 2/17/2008 4th Stryker Bgd / 2nd Inf Div Spring Grove 
CAPT Nathan Raudenbush  ARMY 2/20/2008 4th Brgd Com Team / 3rd Inf Div Phoenixville
SFC Shawn Suzch  ARMY 3/10/2008 64th Arm Reg / 3rd Inf Div Hilltown
SFC Jason Kazarick  ARMY 4/7/2008 2nd Stryker Cav. Reg. Oakmont
PVT Matthew Brown  ARMY 5/11/2008 18th Fires Brdg. (Airborne) Zelienople
1ST LT. Jeffery Deprimo ARMY 5/20/2008 3rd Batl.-103rd Armor Reg. Pittston
PFC Joshua Waltenbaugh ARMY 6/3/2008 3rd Arm Cav. Reg.  Ford City 
PFC Derek Holland ARMY 6/3/2008 228th Brig. Support Batl Wind Gap 
PFC James Yohn  ARMY 6/25/2008 3rd Arm Cav. Reg. Highspire
SGT Douglas Bull  ARMY 7/8/2008 3rd Brgd Combat Team Wilkes Barre 
PO Daniel Verbeke NAVY 7/14/2008   Exton
2ND LT. Michael Girdano  ARMY 8/1/2008 3rd Brgd Combat Team Apollo
LCPL Travis Stollemeyer  MARINES 8/16/2008 3rd Fleet Security Team Hatfield
PFC Jonatahn Luscher ARMY 8/17/2008 1st Batl. 109th Inf. Scanton
SSGT David Paquet  ARMY 8/20/2008 3rd Brgd Com Team /1st Inf Div Lansdale
PVT Michael Dinterman  ARMY 9/6/2008 3rd Brgd Com Team/ 1st Inf Div Littlestown
CWO Michael Slebodnoik  ARMY 9/11/2008 101st Combat Aviation Brdg Gibsonia
LT. COL  Ralph Marino  ARMY 9/14/2008 Army Central Command  Houston
SSGT Brian Hause AIR FORCE 10/23/2008 20th Equip.Mnt Squadron  Stoystown
SAMA Joshua Seitz  NAVY 12/25/2008   Sinking Springs 
PFC Christopher Lotter  ARMY 12/31/2008 3rd Brgd Com Team/ 25th Inf Div Chester Heights
      SGT David Wallace III  MARINES 1/28/2009 - A  2nd Marine Div Sharpsville
SSGT Mark J. Small  ARMY 2/12/2009 - A  3rd Special Forces (Airborne)  Collegeville
SSGT Mark Baum  ARMY 2/21/2009 - I  56th Striker Brigade Telford
CPL Anthony Williams MARINES 3/22/2009 - A 2nd Marine Div Oxford
SSGT William Vile  ARMY 5/5/2009 - A 1st Brdg / 1st Inf Philadelphia
SPC Chad Edmundson  ARMY 5/27/2009 - I 56th Stryker Brigade Williamsburg
L. CPL Robert Ulmer  MARINES 6/5/2009 - I  2nd Marine Expeditionary Force Lansville
SGT Michael Heede MARINES 7/13/2009 - A  1st Marine Expeditionary Force Delta
SGT Joshua Rimer  ARMY 7/22/2009 - A  4th Engr Batl Rochester
SGT Ryan Lane  MARINES 7/23/2009 - A  2nd Marine Expeditionary Force Castle Shannon 
CPL Jonathan Walls  ARMY 8/1/2009 - A  4th Infintry Division  West Lawn 
SGT Andrew McConnell  ARMY 9/24/2009 - A  5th Striker Brigade  Carlisle
SPC Ross Vogel III  ARMY 9/29/2009 - I  35th Signal Brigade Red Lion 
SSGT Glen Stivinson Jr.  ARMY 10/15/2009 - A  4th Engr. Batl.  Blairsville
PFC Brandon Styer  ARMY 10/15/2009 - A  4th Engr. Batl.  Lancaster

Remembering All Our Fallen Heroes from Pennsylvania

Family & Friends of SPC Zachary R. Clouser have been tremendous supporters of
Support 4 Our Troops.
Through your loss, you all have continued to show love, support & encouragement to our deployed troops.
Our heartfelt sympathy & prayers go out to all that have been touched by this brave young man who gave so unselfishly.
Martin W. Kondor
was born on November 5, 1983 in Hellam Township, York County. He enlisted in the Army just prior to his graduation from Eastern York High School in 2002 to help fight the Global War on Terrorism. Killed in Action April 29, 2004
Baghdad, Iraq

Corey Small Army PFC
East Berlin, Pa.
Age 20-Died July 2, 2003
Baghdad, Iraq
Michael Cohen-Marine CPL
Age 23-Died November 2004
Al Anbar, Iraq
Kenneth E. Zeigler II-Army PFC
Dillsburg, Pa.
Age 22- Died May 12, 2005
Baghdad, Iraq

Private First Class Orlando E. Gonzalez, 21
New Freedom, Pennsylvania
died March 25, 2007, in Baqubah, Iraq, when an improvised explosive device detonated near their vehicle during combat operations.They were assigned to the 5th Squadron, 73rd Cavalry Regiment, 3rd Brigade Combat Team, 82nd Airborne Division, Fort Bragg, North Carolina.

Spc. Ross E. Vogel, III, 27, of Red Lion, Pa., died Sept. 29, 2009 in Kut, Iraq, of injuries suffered from a non-combat related incident. He was assigned to the 67th Signal Battalion, 35th Signal Brigade, Fort Gordon, Ga. Honorably serving his Country in Operation Iraqi Freedom. Ross was on his third tour of duty in Iraq.

Sergeant Jonathan E. McColley, 23, of Gettysburg, Pennsylvania
died February 17, 2006, when two CH-53 helicopters crashed into the Gulf of Aden in the vicinity of Ras Siyyan, northern Djibouti, while flying a training mission in the Godoria Range area.  The Marines and airmen were deployed to Djibouti as part of the Combined Joint Task Force-Horn of Africa.

Kimberly Voelz 27, of Carlisle, Pennsylvania.
Voelz was responding to an explosive ordnance disposal call when an improvised explosive device detonated in Iskandariyah, Iraq. Voelz was assigned to the 703rd Explosive Ordnance Detachment, Fort Knox, Kentucky. Died on December 14, 2003.
U.S. Marine Sgt. Michael W. Heede, 22, of Delta, Pennsylvania, and Edgewood according to media reports, was killed Monday in combat operations in Afghanistan.

To the families of these men and women for whom we pray. May you find hope and encoragement that there are many connected to you through continual prayer and love.